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In 2001 a number of residents in the park got together, formed the
Westwind Two Resident Owners Association and purchased the park
from the developers.
They each bought a share and since then most of the other residents
have purchased a ‘Share’
From 2001 the Association, through an elected Board of Directors, has
governed the affairs of Westwind Two.
The Association does not own the mobile home/manufactured home units as they remain the property of the residents.
There is a monthly Maintenance Fee to cover the cost of lawn care, water and sewer maintenance, (not water usage),
twice-weekly garbage collection, road maintenance, pool maintenance, common utility costs, etc.
Those who don’t own a share pay a  monthly lot rent to the Association.
These fees are available on request to interested purchasers of homes in the park
We are determined to maintain the very high standards of the Park which
undoubtedly is one of the top Resident Owned Community Parks in the
Tampa Bay area.
To ensure this there are some simple rules and regulations, which are
available to prospective purchasers of homes.
Our beautiful spacious clubhouse contains a large hall, which accommodates up
to 120 seated persons.
The clubhouse has recently been refurbished with top quality materials and
workmanship including, terrazzo floors, new windows, doors and window blinds.
We have superior  folding tables and very comfortable chairs.  A totally
refurbished kitchen with new cupboards, granite top island and new sinks and
We have a large screen TVand wireless internet access is available in the
Clubhouse. The Clubhouse also contains a comprehensive library, which is also
used for poker and other card games.
The hall, of course, is used for meetings, coffee mornings, rummy cub, bridge and other card games, art
classes, craft classes, BINGO (on Wednesday nights), Art and craft shows, annual rummage sales etc.
And, of course....
... the very many Dances, Parties, concerts and entertainment events.
Dinners for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve, Valentines, St Patrick’s Night, Easter, Independence Day,
Octoberfest, Halloween  ….. in fact any excuse for a dance, a meal or a party.
Line Dancing classes are held on one evening each week.
The Swimming Pool
is adjacent to the clubhouse and is geo-thermally heated
throughout the year.  Shower facilities are provided.
Comfortable chairs and loungers are provided
and there is an adjoining lanai
There is a morning session of pool aerobics most weekdays
The pool is open from 8am until 10pm and floodlit after dark.
Westwind Two is a Resident Owned Community
Being owners of the park we are protected from the developers selling
out and leaving the residents homeless as was quite common in recent
years before the recession hit in 2008
Facilities at the Clubhouse Westwind Two
It is the policy of Westwind One and
Westwind Two
that no pets are allowed in the park
Billiard Room & Gym
Adjacent to the shuffleboard courts we have a room
for playing pool and darts.    
This room also has a selection of brand new exercise equipment
South entrance to the Clubhouse
The refurbished kitchen area in the Clubhouse
This is  Westwind  Two

Newly Refurbished Library
Inside the spacious clubhouse there is a Library room with a huge collection
of books, magazines, DVD films, jigsaw puzzles and many board games.
Brand new cherry wood cabinets and units were installed recently.
The library also contains a computer and printer with free internet connection
In this room Poker is played on two nights of the week
There are three well maintained shuffleboard courts and two Horseshoes lanes.
Horseshoes  are played twice weekly.
Residents can arrange their own games as required.   The courts can be floodlit after dark
Resident  Owned  Community