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Westwind One  Social Club
Regular Weekly Activities
at Westwind One
Tuesday 9am             Coffee Meeting             Clubhouse
Tuesday 2pm             Shuffleboard
Tuesday 2pm             Line Dancing              (WWII Clubhouse)
Tuesday 2pm             Mexican Train Dominoes   Clubhouse
Tues and Fri 2pm     Horseshoes                     WWII Courts
Wednesday 9am         Group                     Meet at Clubhouse
Wednesday 6pm        Poker                              Library
Wednesday 6.30pm   Bridge                            Clubhouse
Thursday 7pm          Bingo                             Clubhouse
Alternating Fridays  Westwind Women's Wellness  Clubhouse
Friday 2pm              Shuffleboard
Friday 7pm              Rummykub                     Clubhouse
Saturday 12.30pm    Bridge                           Clubhouse

The events and Functions Calendar for both
Westwind One and Westwind Two  is published
on the first Residents  page
Westwind One Board of Directors
John Schoen
Helen Collins
Deb Maynard
Asst. Treasurer
Alice Weber
Ken Polkoszek
Aggie Cline
Recreation Association
Chuck Pritchett
Vice President
Sandy Bockin
Judy Gump
Deatra Appt
Asst. Treasurer
Barbara Carhide
Asst. Secretary
Camilla Pritchett
Sunshine  Lady
Betty Bowlin
If you know of
someone who is ill
or in hospital
please notify
Vice President
Mimi Huffman
    XV11; 1 pg. 12 in Prospectus states:
“All new Members, Tenants and Tenant-Owners must obtain prior express written consent
and approval by the Management. Such approval shall be required prior to Management
issuing consent for such person or persons,
and an  application will be required which shall be reviewed by a screening committee. A
personal interview with each such person    or persons by Management at the Park Office
shall be required prior to occupancy and approval by the Board of Directors”.
Guest Registration
Westwind 1, Rules and Regulations, Section VI  Paragraph  2:

“All guests staying overnight or longer must be registered with management”.
See the paragraph for details about length of stay and more.
Larry Zwartz
Important Notice!!
Please complete the short survey on the
'Resident's Page'
It only takes a few minutes and it could
lead to improvements in Westwind
Ken Cooper
Westwind One  Welcomes the New Residents
    There was a Reception in the Clubhouse to
    welcome all the New Residents to WW One
    who have arrived in the last two years.
    Click on the links below to open a short
    slide show
Carvers Group Display Their Work
    We had a great group of carvers for the 2018 class a Rose Breasted Grosbeak.
    Most all carvers finished their birds and were happy with results. I was very
    Impressed on how well they did with such a large class and a lot of new carvers.
    My hat is off and congratulations to all of the following carvers:
    Ken Cooper, Dale Rossler, Jerry Gump, Roger Gump, John Schoen, Tom
    Finnegan, Bob Shorter, Bob Lewis, Mitch Wilson, Linda Ferris, Clyde English,
    Gerry Marier, Jim Toy, Norm Wilson, Chuck Pritchett, Dan Wilton, Bob Essery,
    Roger Crabtree, and  Ross Hadley.
    Well done to all.
    Next Years project is a Red Headed Woodpecker starting, God willing, January,
    11, 2019. Look forward to working with you all again.

    Get lots of reference material on line and have a safe and healthy year.
    See you in the Fall.
    Ed Fox  Florida cell # 727-385-7187
    Canadian Home # (Apr.28 to Nov 4)   519-227-4355